We use the finest, freshest and healthiest ingredients available, prepared with care for your enjoyment.  Wine pairings are available on request.


Start your Provo vacation morning by relaxing with your family or friends while Becky prepares a comforting breakfast or midmorning brunch. Choose from a selection of classic choices or request your family favourites.  Service is casual.

Breakfast Menu


No need to change out of your bathing suit to enjoy a lovely buffet lunch of fresh, healthy ingredients, made in the shade! Becky will tidy up the kitchen while you explore the Provo beaches, take a nap, or splash in the pool.

Lunch Menu


The best of both worlds! Enjoy some of Provo’s finest cuisine in the comfortable ambience of your private rental villa or condo; no driving involved! Choose from the sample menus provided or request your own favourites. Becky will plan menus with you, accommodate any dietary restrictions, and attend to every detail.

Dinner Menu