Personal Chef Becky prepares a Grilled Caicos Lobster Tail

This is the method that personal and private chef Becky from Seasalt in Turks and Caicos uses to prepare a Caicos Lobster tail for the grill or broiler. Try this for yourself, or better still, come to Providenciales and ask Becky to cook it for you!

Ingredients needed for Caicos Lobster Tail

  • Lobster Tail (1 8-9 oz tail per person)

  • Butter/Olive Oil

  • Garlic Clove

  • Minced Parsley & Thyme

  • Fresh Lime

Method to prepare Caicos Lobster Tail

  1. Melt butter and add crushed garlic clove 
  2. With good kitchen shears, snip the back of the lobster shell up the middle, stopping when you reach the tail fan.  
  3. Insert a chef’s knife into the cut, and with a rocking motion cut through the flesh, scoring the underside of the shell but stopping short of cutting through.  
  4. Open the now butterflied tail. 
  5. Using your fingers, release the meat from the shell, but leaving it attached at the very end of the tail.  
  6. Remove any unwanted grit and pat dry.  
  7. Brush with butter and sprinkle with the herb mix.  
  8. Replace the lobster into the shell.  
  9. Brush the surface with butter, squeeze on a little lime juice.   
  10. Prepare a hot grill and oil the grate.  
  11. Sear the lobster flesh side down until marked - about 2 minutes.  
  12. Turn shell side down,  reduce the flame, and brush with additional garlic butter.  
  13. Close the lid and grill until opaque - about 6-8 minutes for an 8 oz tail, basting with butter once.
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